Our Provider

Christy Masterman

Owner & DCNP

With over 13 years of dermatology experience, Christy thrives on caring for her patients. She is nationally certified in both dermatology and family medicine. Christy enjoys all aspects of dermatology and excels in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers and precancerous lesions, and has extensive experience in the excision of skin cancers.

Christy’s goal is to target her patient’s true concerns and empower them to be active participants and decision-makers in their care. She believes the key to building a trusting relationship with her patients is through strong communication.

She opened Dermatology Solutions as a way to bring her favorite products and treatments as well as her top-level care to her patients every day. Christy has considered the Tri-Cities home for many years and looks forward to investing back into her community.

Dermatology Tri-Cities